Amazing performance for Hyperthermic Intra-Peritoneal Perfusion treatments.


Third generation of the Performer platform, the cutting-edge design of the new Performer 3 is the result of more than 20 years of experience in developing systems for Hyperthermic Intra-Peritoneal Perfusion (HIPEC) treatments

for all HIPEC tecniques

The high flexibility of the system makes Performer 3 suitable for the following techniques:- open abdomen- closed or semi-closed abdomen- laparoscopic



Performer 3 integrates a redesigned, extremely fast and powerful heating device which allows to reach the target temperature and start the perfusion in a very few minutes.

no contamination risk

The double plate heater transfers the thermal energy to the liquid through a plastic bag, thus eliminating the need of a water-bath heating unit and consequently the risk of Mycobacterium chimaera infections.


An accurate and complete monitoring of the temperature in the patient’s body cavity is achieved with a 9-channel temperature acquisition device.

up to 9 temperature probes

Two probes pre-assembled in the infusion line and one probe in the return line allow to monitor the temperature of the solution just in proximity of the entry and exit point of the abdomen.Up to 6 additional temperature probes can be placed in the body cavity to check in real time how the entire abdomen is perfused.


One of the most distinctive features of the Performer platform is the presence of two roller pumps, one for infusion and one for withdrawal, allowing an automatic and precise control of circulation through the patient’s abdomen.

up to 3 Lpm

The new Performer 3 not only maintains this unique feature but also increases its performance by bringing the maximum flow rate to 3 Lpm, to maximize circulation effectiveness.


Flow velocity is not the only factor to get an optimal circulation. Performer 3 offers two unique devices that allow you to circulate the drugs in the best possible way.

flow diverter

One of the most innovative features of the Performer 3 is the flow diverter: a technique specifically designed to improve the perfusion through the entire abdomen.

flow reverser

Flow reverser is a disposable accessory that allows you to simply and safely reverse the direction of the flow through the inlet and outlet lines, with the aim of solving any obstruction problems in the return line.



The 12” high-definition colour touch-screen display combined with its extremely intuitive user interface allows the operator to act rapidly and adequately in all situations.

disposable setup guide

The on-screen step-by-step instructions guide the User during the setup of the tubing kit, eliminating any possible mounting error.

on-screen checklists

The on-screen checklists ensure a correct execution of all treatment phases, even in case of non-frequent use.

troubleshooting guides

The on-screen  trouble-shooting guide helps the user to fix problems quickly.


- automated management of the various stages of the procedure- automatic adjustment of the return flow rate to maintain the volume in the body cavity at the set value- automatic interruption of the circulation through the abdomen in case of problems

treatment data

Patient and treatment data can be entered through a dedicated screen for later printing with the integrated printer. The data entered are also saved on USB, together with a log of all treatment parameters, to subsequently analyse and archive them on PC.


With the pre-assembled Hang&Go kit, step-by-step on-screen instructions and quick connectors, setting up Performer 3 is incredibly quick and easy:- Plug the set onto the Performer 3- Press START to automatically fill the circuit & pre-heat the solution

color coding

Color-coded tubing and identification tags prevent any mistake during mounting of the kit.

3-stages filtration

The 7 litres Hang&Go reservoir is equipped with a triple filtration system to capture any surgical debris, thus avoiding any obstruction of the extra-corporeal circuit.

hyper protect-OR

Hyper protect-OR is a disposable abdominal cover for Open and Semi-closed HIPEC procedures that minimizes:- heat dispersion- accidental spills and splashes during perfusion and surgeon’s shaking procedure- dispersion of chemotherapy vapors in the operating room.


Developed in compliance with the most up-to-date international safety standards, Performer 3 integrates several features that ensure the highest safety levels for patient and operators.

dry plate warmer

The double plate heater transfers the thermal energy to the liquid through a plastic bag, thus eliminating the need of a water-bath heating unit and consequently the risk of Mycobacterium chimaera infections.

back-up battery

The integrated backup battery allows to overcome a temporary mains blackout during the procedure and to move the equipment without turning it off e.g., when the machine is set up outside the OR.

visual & acoustic alarms

The alarm system intervenes in case the pre-defined safety limits are exceeded by immediately activating the safe state for patient and operators and simultaneously informing the operator via visual & acoustic signals.

pressure monitoring

The integrated pressure sensors continuously monitor the pressure in several points of the extracorporeal circuit. If one of the sensors detects an overpressure, the system triggers an alarm.

initial auto-diagnostic

After switching on, the system performs a series of self-tests to check the perfect functioning of each individual device.

automatic by-pass

For some alarms, the system automatically activates the by-pass phase which consists in interrupting the circulation through the patient abdomen and recirculating the solution through the heater.This allows the solution to remain at the preset temperature and thus to restore the treatment as soon as the problem has been solved.

Treatment data recording

All treatment data and events are automatically saved on a USB memory and with a proprietary excel based software a report of the treatment can be created in few minutes.

Integrated printer

Right at the end of the treatment, a printout of the treatment data can be attached to the medical records.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The integrated UPS allows to continue the treatment also in case of power failure.


The "Hang & Go" pre-assembled kit makes the system setup a rapid and safe operation, further simplified by the presence of:- pre-assembled inlet & outlet temperature probes- colour code- quick connectors- clave connectors- identification tags for pumps, clamps and pressure sensors


Power supply

110-240V – 50/60Hz

Power adsorption

Max 1.400VA

Electrical classification

Class I – Type BF

Flow rate

up to 3.000 ml/min


up to 45°C
Monitoring through 8 external temperature probes

Dimensions (WxDxH)

45x45x93 cm (stand-by/transport mode)
45x45x140 cm (operative conditions)


80 kg

Safety standards

CEI/EN 60601-1

General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

CEI/EN 60601-1-2

General requirements for safety: Electromagnetic compatibility

EN 60601-8

General requirements, tests and guidance for alarm systems

EN 62304

Medical device software – Software lifecycle processes

EN 62366

Application of usability engineering to medical devices