RanD primarily established and maintains leadership in Chemo-hyperthermia thanks to the development, manufacture and distribution of its Performer HT system and the wide range of consumables dedicated to excellence within the therapy. For more than 18 years RanD has consistently strived to improve the outcomes of patients that can benefit from Chemo-hyperthermia also thanks to RanD clinical service. RanD can provide clinical and technical support to Chemo-hyperthermia procedures, tailored to the needs of the patient and clinical team, together with all the necessary equipment and disposables.


RanD can offer a customised combination of hardware, appropriate disposables and Clinical Specialists to complement and work with local facilities and clinical resources.


A complete team of highly professional specialists is ready to provide clinical support for the procedure. RanD Perfusion service can be supplied on a daily, weekly or even longer basis if needed.


RanD Perfusion service can be delivered in most countries of the world to facilitate the availability of Chemo-hyperthermia to patients in need, wherever they are.

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