PERFORMER HTThe most advanced system for Hyperthermic Perfusion

Performer HT, hyperthermic treatments in surgical oncology
RanD manufactures and supplies Performer HT, a dedicated system (equipment and disposable) for hyperthermic treatments in surgical oncology. Innovative design, high performances, user-friendly interface and highest level of safety are the main features of the Performer HT system, result of the long-term experience achieved on the Performer platform. Performer system is present in more than 200 centers worldwide, with more than 20.000 executed treatments.
Two high-flow roller pumps
With a flow rate of up to 2 Lpm, the two roller pumps, in combination with the integrated weighing system, allow a completely automatic control of the patient fluid balance, avoiding the need for user intervention.
High-efficiency plate warmer
The integrated plate warmer allows a fast heating and precise control of the fluid temperature.
Temperature monitoring
In addition to the two pre-assembled temperature probes in the inlet and outlet lines, the device allows the connection of up to 6 medical grade temperature probes.
Patient by-pass
Exclusive function of Performer HT, allowing the operator to temporarily interrupt the circulation in the patient while keeping the temperature of the solution at preset value.
Automatic procedure
The various phases of the procedure are automatically activated by two pinch-valves without operator intervention, thus simplifying the treatment execution and minimizing possible human errors.
Performer® HT has been designed according to the most updated safety Standards to guarantees the safety of Patients and OR staff throughout the treatment.
Pressure monitoring
The monitoring of the pressures allows the system to warn the user in case of potential risk due to a too high or too low pressure in the circuit or in the body cavity.
The user-friendly graphic interface allows an easy and fast learning of all treatment functions and a clear visualization of all treatment parameters.
Electric height adjustment
Hyperthermic Perfusion - PERFORMER HT
The height of the equipment can be lowered for an easier transport and storing.
Treatment data recording

All treatment data and events are automatically saved on a USB memory and with a proprietary excel based software a report of the treatment can be created in few minutes.

Integrated printer

Right at the end of the treatment, a printout of the treatment data can be attached to the medical records.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The integrated UPS allows to continue the treatment also in case of power failure.

The "Hang & Go" pre-assembled kit makes the system setup a rapid and safe operation, further simplified by the presence of:- pre-assembled inlet & outlet temperature probes- colour code- quick connectors- clave connectors- identification tags for pumps, clamps and pressure sensors

Power supply

110/230V – 50/60Hz

Power adsorption

Max 700VA

Electrical classification

Class I – Type BF

Protection IP

IP 21

Flow rates

2 peristaltic pumps ranging from 100 to 2000 ml/min


6 pressure sensors ranging from -450 to + 450 mmHg


Load cell ranging from 0.5 to 20 liters


Plate warming system (28 to 46°C)
Monitoring through 8 external temperature probes

Dimensions (WxDxH)

500x550x960 mm (stand-by/transport mode)
500x550x1600 mm (operative conditions)


80 kg

Safety standards

UL 60601-1

General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

IEC 60601-1-2

General requirements for safety: Electromagnetic compatibility

IEC 62304

Medical device software – Software lifecycle processes

IEC 62366

Application of usability engineering to medical devices