Located in the internationally well-known Mirandola Bio-medical district, RanD is a knowledge-based company, established in 1999 exploiting more than 30 years’ experience in the bio-medical field.

The name RanD originates from the phonetic transcription of the English acronym R&D (Research and Development) direct expression of RanD core activity: the development of technologically innovative systems based on extracorporeal circulation technologies, marked, at the same time, by extremely simplified operative management.

Over the years RanD developed a whole range of products mainly focused on surgical oncology, but it also exploited its own know-how in the development of third-party cutting-edge projects in the fields of liver support, cardiopulmonary support and dialysis.

RanD directly handles the whole manufacturing cycles of equipment and disposable devices, thus ensuring highest quality standards for each manufacturing phase.

RanD products are currently distributed worldwide directly or through a capillary and steadily expanding distribution network, regularly retrained by RanD. Thanks to this well-established network, the customer can be provided with a highly professional and prompt after sales service.

During the years RanD has established a close collaboration with internationally renowned physicians, which provide an essential contribution to the development of systems that meet users’ needs. To this purpose RanD is in active cooperation with the organization committees of congresses and International scientific events; it also performs a constant training activity addressed to physicians and technicians in the field.


Rand Biotech Mirandola Modena


RanD establishment
Performer LRT. The first multifunctional system for extracorporeal circulation therapies: CRRT, Plasma Exchange, Artificial and Bio-Artificial Liver support, Surgical oncology.


Performer LRTThe first multifunctional system for extracorporeal circulation therapies: CRRT, Plasma Exchange, Artificial and Bio-Artificial Liver support, Surgical oncology.
Performer CPB. The first high-rise heart-lung machine. One third footprint of legacy systems. Developed for Medtronic Inc.


Performer CPBThe first high-rise heart-lung machine.One third footprint of legacy systems.Developed for Medtronic Inc.
Performer HT. The most advanced system for Hyperthermic perfusion in the field of surgical oncology


RanD USA. FDA clearance of Performer HT & establishment of RanD USA in Miami (FL)


RanD USAFDA clearance of Performer HT & establishment of RanD USA in Miami (FL)
Rigenerand. Spin-off company in the field of regenerative medicine


RigenerandSpin-off company in the field of regenerative medicine

Quality system

Patient and operator safety is always guaranteed by RanD quality system which complies with all requirements of the following directives and international standards:

EN ISO 13485:2012


21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 820 Quality System Regulation (QSR) for medical devices.

Canadian Medical Device Regulations SOR/98-282


Organisation and Management Model & Ethical code

In order to ensure the best conditions of fairness and transparency in corporate activities and conducting business, RanD has decided to adopt a Code of Ethics.

An Organisation and Management Model has been undertaken as a tool to increase the awareness of all employees of the company and business partners (Customers, Supplier and Collaborators) in order to ensure correctness and transparency in the conduct of business and incorporate activities.
RanD Organisation and Management Model consists of a “General Part” and several “Special Parts” in reference to the types of crimes and offenses to be prevented.
Below you will find the approved version of the Ethical code:

Ethical code for suppliers

The Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental element for RanD, therefore it’s an integral part of its purchasing strategy. In concrete terms it means that policies and corporate behaviour become important economic aspects such as the social, ethical and environmental ones.
To maximize the benefits of its policy, RanD asks its suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to the same behaviour standards.
The RanD Code of Ethics is an integral part of the RanD purchase agreements and is a prerequisite for all future collaborations.
Therefore, all suppliers have to go through and comply with RanD Ethical Code, penalty the contract termination.